Later on, AMD launched Socket FM2 in Oct 2012.
FM2 and FM1 CPU sockets are not compatible. Please be aware of it before upgrade.
In the past, the advantage of AMD platform was compatible sockets. It's too fast for this transition.

FM2 code is Trinity APU. It combines AMD AM3+ Bulldozer structure.
The price is lower to make APU platform parity.
Chipset can use A75 and A55, but supports FM2 Socket.
AMD also launched a new chipset for Trinity APU, more high end A85X.

CPU is current most high end Trinity APU, A10-5800K.
32nm, 4-Cores, 3.8GHz, Turbo Core to 4.2GHz
Max TDP is 100W and built-in GPU is AMD Radeon HD 7660D
FM1 and FM2 CPU are 32nm which is no improvement in manufacturing.